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Owner and Artist Anne Rast

"Anne puts her heart into

her clients work."

Hi! I'm Anne, and I am the Owner and Creator at Adirondack Ski Chairs of Lake Placid. Growing up, all I wanted to do was ski (or draw!) As the youngest of 6 in hand-me-downs, I would have given my arm for a pair of skis like the ones I see thrown out these days. I still can't get enough of them, in any shape or form.

"The mind of a strategist. The soul of an artist. The heart of a lioness. That’s Anne. She’s a powerhouse..."

"I can not imagine saying anything but good things about Anne. Her work has always been inspired, creative, artistically genius and professionally superior."

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ANNE RAST moved to Lake Placid in 2001, eager to hit the slopes and fulfill her childhood dream to ski as much as possible in the Adirondack’s magical winter wonderland. Since the only gear she owned was her older brother’s circa 1980 Rossignol Strato 102 skis with Look Nevada bindings, she was blown away to find pair upon pair of seemingly ‘new’ skis being thrown away. There was no way Anne was letting beautiful skis end up in the landfill. It was like Christmas! Soon, Anne had a dozen or so pairs of skis stashed behind the old cabin she rented in downtown Lake Placid. Ironically, her 1930’s cabin reportedly was the workshop of some of the first ski makers in the United States. 


Anne’s collection of skis grew, as did her love of the Adirondacks. One day while stopping into Whiteface Mountain’s Midstation, she saw a clunky chair made out of skis sitting on the deck. “That’s cool… I bet I could make a chair like that… but nicer,” she thought. And the rest is history.


QUALITY  The only corners Anne cuts are the sharp turns she makes on the slope. Anne’s motto is, “If I wouldn’t buy it, I won’t sell it.” As such, all outdoor items are made with rot-resistant cedar and corrosion-proof hardware, and preserved with brand-name outdoor-grade finishes and sealants. Since all the skis and snowboards we use have been quite literally ’trashed’ – left out in the elements to rust and accumulate grime – the first step in production involves meticulously restoring them to pristine condition. This “Ski Spa” process is actually the most labor-intensive part of making our products, and easily overlooked by those out to make a quick buck. Check out our 2-minute Memorial Ski Chair video where you can see the many steps involved in making a quality Ski Chair.

the ski spa pocess



Edges buffed, and rust and dirt removed

Binding holes and chips filled and painted


Cracks glued and caulked


Semi-gloss acrylic applied

ENVIRONMENTAL  We take the motto “reduce reuse recycle” quite literally and quite seriously. We have salvaged hundreds of downhill and cross country skis, snowboards, ski poles, and bindings, and turned them into functional art. We take great pride in our ski collection, avidly seek out opportunities to reclaim sports gear, and intend to put to use every last piece of every ski, pole, or snowboard we get our hands on. Additionally, every step in our production process is evaluated for environmental impact prior to taking action. Most of our tools and shop gear is bought used or salvaged from a scrap metal pile. Food containers are used for mixing and storage; wood scraps are used as kindling; disposable gloves are biodegradable and used at a minimum; old clothing is used as shop rags; cleaning products are evaluated for toxic effect prior to purchase; construction and demolition (C&D) wood is reclaimed and reused as long as our product quality is not jeopardized; rainforest-sourced wood is not used unless it is C&D salvage; unused recyclable ski components are disposed of in recycling facilities; American made products are purchased whenever possible; and shipping materials are from used sources whenever possible.

Check out our 2-minute 

Ski Chair Creation Video

ART EXPERIENCE  All products are designed and made by professional artist, Anne Rast. Anne has a Masters in Fine Arts in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Her keen eye for color, attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship result in stunning, one-of-a-kind works of art that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Anne has been honing her product line since 2005. Decades of trial, error, and improvement has led to a superior product. 

PRODUCT LINE  Our name reflects our origin – the Adirondack ski chair. But we offer an ever-expanding array of unique hand-made items. You name it, we make it. Whether it’s an item you’ve seen that you’d like us to custom replicate, or a line of goods we’ve invented ourselves, our goal is to offer a vast assortment of quality artisan goods anyone would be proud to own. By keeping a wide assortment of ski brands, colors, and vintages in stock, we are able to offer our customers a truly diverse product line. From tiny key fobs to lawn furniture, if it can be made from skis, Adirondacks Ski Chairs of Lake Placid intends to carry it.

TRULY ADIRONDACK  All of our products are made in the two-time Olympic Village of Lake Placid, located in the heart of the 6-million acre Adirondack Park. Owner and founder, Anne Rast has lived in Lake Placid for nearly two decades and is an avid outdoor enthusiast. With Whiteface Mountain in her backyard, Anne spends her winters snowboarding it, summers cycling it, and spring fishing the Ausable River below it. 

WOMAN OWNED  As of 2018, women constitute only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs. That is ridiculous. Our mothers did not have the same employment opportunities as we do today. Yet obstacles still remain. Adirondack Ski Chairs of Lake Placid wants to set an example for young girls and women, proving to them that despite the many challenges that are unique to being a woman, they need to pursue their passions. Success is possible. “We Can Do It!”

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