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Need an excuse to come to Lake Placid? Pick up your ski chair(s) and save! We'll take $100 off every ski chair you pick up. Want multiple chairs? Even better – you'll save even more! So get one for you, the wife, and the kidUse any of these Promo Codes:

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Remember: Since you can only enter one promo code per checkout, 
be sure to checkout each type of chair as a separate order to get the savings.


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Shop Small this gift-giving season, and score big! Buy any two Classic Ski Chairs and get a Kids Ski Chair free! Plus, pick up your chairs and we'll give you $300 back! 


Classic Ski Chairs: Use Promo Code ADKSML

No end date! No limits! Free Kids Ski Chair must be from current stock and not custom built.

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Anne Rast

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