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QUESTION: Can I have my own skis, snowboard, or poles made into a chair or other item?

ANSWER: Sure! We’re sentimental at heart, so we can relate. Nothing better than being able to keep your skiing memories alive in your very own custom-made item. If you’re close to Lake Placid, you can drop the skis off, or you can ship them to us. If you need help getting the bindings off, just let us know. It takes 5-6 pair of skis to make a chair. So we’ll need to know how many skis you have, and their lengths, to be sure we have enough to work with. We might be able to modify the design slightly if your skis are too short, and if you have less than 5 pairs we can use some skis from our supply to complete the chair. Just give us a call or drop us a note and we’ll figure out how to build you that perfect item.

QUESTION: Do you offer a discount if I supply the skis or snowboard gear?

ANSWER: Not usually because the majority of the cost of any item we sell is rooted in labor. You can see many of the steps it takes to restore customer-provided gear in our 2-minute Memorial Ski Chair video.

QUESTION: Do you ship?

ANSWER: Yes, we will ship anywhere. We cover the cost of shipping within the Continential US. Contact us to discuss shipping outside of the Continental US. Large items are shipped partially or completely disassembed. Simple assembly instructions are provided.

QUESTION: Do you sell wholesale?

ANSWER: Yes. Bulk orders are available for resale and handled on an individual basis for personalization and efficiency. Email or call for pricing and details.

QUESTION: I’d love to give your items as party favors. Do you offer bulk discounts?

ANSWER: Sometimes we are able to offer discounts for large retail orders. This is handled on an individual basis. We’ll gladly discuss your needs via email or phone.

QUESTION: Do you take custom orders?

ANSWER: Yes. We strive to keep a large stock of assorted skiing and snowboarding equipment on hand so we can create stunning products and appeal to unique preferences. But since every ski, pole, board, or binding we own comes from the trash, we are literally at the mercy of what people dispose of. Customization takes extra time and materials, so custom products are priced 25% higher than comparable non-custom items. You can see the many steps it takes to create a custom Ski Chair in our 2-minute Memorial Ski Chair video.

QUESTION: Do you make things out of any other sports equipment?

ANSWER: We hope to soon offer items made from water skis, and have been asked to make items with hockey skis. We are always looking for new ways to upcycle and be creative. If you are interested in a particular item that is not on our website, we'd love to hear from you and discuss possibilities.

QUESTION: I have a really cool idea for something I’d like made from ski/sports gear, but can’t find it for purchase anywhere. Will you make it for me?

ANSWER: We love coming up with new products and making creative items. So send us your ideas and we’ll let you know what we think it will take to pull it off.

QUESTION: Are your products indestructible?

ANSWER: No. Ironically, while ski and snowboard gear is designed for harsh conditions, it is not indestructible. So do not be fooled by anyone who tells you a ski or snowboard or anything made from a ski or snowboard can withstand the elements unprotected, year-round, without signs of weathering. Every ski and snowboard is comprised of layers of wood, metal, and/or plastics, and alternating hot and cold temperatures can cause microscopic cracks to form within these layers. When water enters these cracks and freezes, the layers pull apart (delaminate.) During construction, we try to seal all cracks and then apply a UV-protective finish to ward off Mother Nature's damaging effects. Please see the below FAQ for information on how to increase product longevity.

QUESTION: Is there any maintenance recommended to ensure product longevity?

ANSWER: For outdoor items, we recommend limiting sun and water exposure by using standard outdoor furniture covers available at most hardware/home goods stores. Winterize by storing in a covered area or ideally bringing indoors with a controlled temperature. Temperature changes cause materials to expand and contract, and ultimately crack. Water and ice can settle in cracks and cause further damage, such as delamination.


If your product begins to show signs of use or weatherization, we recommend:

  • Wipe you product down with a damp cloth or mild cleanser.

  • For ski/board components, spray with clear acrylic paint.

  • For wooden components, brush on a sealant or stain.

  • If any rust appears on metal edges, gently scrub with sandpaper or steel wool and then spray with acrylic clear coat.

QUESTION: I have old skis/snowboard/water ski equipment that I don’t want to end up in the landfill. Do you want it?

ANSWER: Yes, thank you! Donations are always welcome! We will pick up when possible, and gladly accept drop offs. We’ve even had people ship us items. Contact us and we can work out the details together.

QUESTION: How long does it take to make a chair?

ANSWER: Since production is entirely by hand, it takes many hours to make a chair, and even longer to make a custom chair. Depending on how busy we are at the time of your order, we can build your chair is as little as a two weeks. But we average a 4-week lead time for custom orders.

QUESTION: What's inside a ski?


Cutting each ski is like cracking open a geode – you never know what you’ll find! Here’s a look inside some downhill skis…

view inside some skis

We don’t claim to be experts in ski composition by any means. Just observers who have noticed that depending on the age of the ski, you’ll find a variety of wood, metal, and man-made materials. And here's a cross section of some skate and cross country skis.

cross sectio of cross country skis

QUESTION: Do your products come with a warranty?

ANSWER: If any of our products is found to be defective and breaks under normal usage within one year of purchase, we will replace broken parts at no cost to you.

QUESTION: Why do I see similar items for sale for less money?

ANSWER: Every craftsperson needs to price their items how they see fit. This is not a hobby for us. This is a business. A business committed to reducing environmental impact, exceptional craftsmanship, and superior customer service. We try to offer fair, competitive prices, and we provide free shipping within the Continental United States. We do not claim to be the only snow gear upcyclers out there, but we are committed to being the best. We welcome your feedback on areas where we can improve, and compliments on what we are doing well. We genuinely appreciate every order we receive. Each is an affirmation of our upcycling philosophy and our mission to produce quality handcrafted American-made products.

QUESTION: Do you ship outside the Continental US?

ANSWER: Yes. As rates vary so much, please call or contact us and we will calculate shipping to that location and discuss next steps.

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