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Important Information about Coronavirus and Adirondack Ski Chairs

Dear Valued Customers,


As you know, New York has been hit harder with COVID19 than any other state. Adirondack Ski Chairs of Lake Placid is extremely lucky to be located in the very far northern tip of the state in Essex County.


Our workshop is very close to the Canadian border and very far from New York City, the epicenter of such immense distress. Essex County is holding steady with only 7 cases of coronavirus, and we remain hopeful that this number will remain low.

Adirondack Ski Chairs of Lake Placid is OPEN

Lake Placid and surrounding Adirondack towns literally depend upon sales from tourism and the sale of non-essential goods. We realize that ski products are likely the last thing on your mind, however, Adirondack Ski Chairs of Lake Placid is open and continues to take orders and produce goods. "The show must go on" to keep a small business afloat and the economy churning. Even pre-pandemic, the few people involved in this business functioned from their homes. As the sole designer and maker, I work alone out of my Lake Placid studio, and follow the CDC recommendations for COVID prevention. There are no changes in production time. UPS and USPS are still operating here, and shipments can continue to be dropped off at these locations. Once they reach UPS or USPS locations, our products are at the mercy of any delivery limitations. We will continue to post on Facebook and Instagram and let you know of anything which may affect your purchasing experience.

Let's all stick together (metaphorically!) and prepare to accept the certain lifestyle changes ahead.
Please support any small businesses that you can. Thank you, and stay positive!

Owner and Artist Anne Rast

Anne Rast

Owner | Designer | Maker

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