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A Ski Chair is the quintessential piece of furniture for any ski addict. While there are quite a few people who make such items, we have dedicated nearly twenty years to perfecting the look, comfort, and durability of our Ski Chair. Available in both Folding and Classic models, all of our chairs are made with painstakingly restored equipment, highly rot resistant wood components, and stainless steel hardware. We make every effort to create durable, heirloom-quality pieces. While not in the name, snowboards have and can be incorporated into our chairs as well. 

Most of our furniture and home goods are made after they are ordered, simply because we do not have enough space to store lots of full-sized creations. We have tons of great ski combinations patiently waiting their turn to be built into the perfect piece of upcycled furniture. Photographed in a layout comparable to the proposed finished piece, these made-to-order items are built once your order is placed. Don't forget, custom requests are always an option if you do not see exactly what you are looking for. A minimum of two weeks is needed to complete each piece.

If you plan to only use your ski furniture indoors (or on a covered porch), there is no need for weatherproofing to prevent rot, rust, or water and sun damage. By modifying your Ski Chair in this way, you would pay approximately $500 less than our regular price. To discuss this option, please contact us via email or call us at 518-524-6392.


  Handcrafted  |    Recycled Materials

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