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Only Adirondack Ski Chairs of Lake Placid offers both wall-mounted and hand-held Brewski™ bottle openers. We advocate responsible drinking, and urge you to never drink and drive.

Hand-held Ski Bottle Openers: Adirondack Ski Chair of Lake Placid is the proud originator of the Hand-held Brewski™ Ski Bottle Opener. We can’t claim the brilliantly simple engineering, but we absolutely love the way these small ski pieces flaunt ski graphics and the beauty of wood core skis. Get one of these openers in your hand and you won’t let go. Guaranteed. Available in regular as well as key chain size.

Binding Bottle Openers: When our Genuine Binding Bottle Openers fail the bottle opening test, we make them fail-proof by adding a pre-fab bottle opener under the binding. (We also offer wall-mount openers that do not feature a binding.)

Genuine Binding Bottle Openers: Our wall-mounted binding bottle openers are unique. By using select vintage and antique bindings, we are able to create a product in which the actual binding does the opening. Yes, that’s right. On this special model, there is no pre-fab bottle opener hidden under the binding. The metal components of the binding provide the leverage to flip the cap off your favorite beverage. Since only select bindings feature this unique capability, each bottle opener is tested to ensure proper functioning prior to sale. Each Genuine Binding Bottle Opener is made from made from restored skis and reclaimed landfill-bound pine wood. Available in assorted sizes. Hardware included for easy mounting.

  Handcrafted  |    Recycled Materials

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