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How do you capture the thrill of winter skiing in the tiniest of packages? Ski and Snowboard Beads! Using recycled skis and snowboards, we hand cut and polish beads of assorted shapes and sizes with the utmost of care. No two beads are identical. Most beads feature the top as well as the base of the ski. But with thicker skis, the often beautiful interior of the ski becomes the backside of the bead. If you're having a hard time getting your head around exactly how a ski or snowboard can become a bead, just imaging if you could use a cookie cutter and punch pieces ("cookies") out of the gear. (If only it was that easy!)


Sure to be a conversation starter, our Ski and Snowboard Bead jewelry will bring good vibes and jazz up any outfit. Each hand made piece of beaded jewelry is unique, just like you. Stainless steel accent beads and fittings add long-lasting sparkle, and lightweight cord holds it all together.


So sorry...We have lots of jewelry in stock, we just haven't had time to photograph and upload it all. If you saw something on social or have a custom piece in mind, please call or email us as we might have what you seek. 

  Handcrafted  |    Recycled Materials

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