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Adirondack Ski Chair of Lake Placid is the proud originator of the Folding Ski Chair. A direct descendant of our Classic Ski Chair, our solid and stable Folding Ski Chair bears all the exceptional features of the Classic, while boasting practical storage capabilities. Simply remove two oak pegs from each leg, and the chair folds in upon itself and flattens. The folding feature makes it easy to weatherproof your investment when not in use. Your chair will include highly durable cedar, black locust, or sustainably harvested exotic hardwood, as well as stainless steel weatherproof hardware. All wood components of our folding chairs are preserved with black or natural-tone* outdoor stain, and are available in both downhill and cross country models. Each downhill chair incorporates 4-5 pairs of skis. Each cross country chair incorporates 6 pairs of cross country skis and 1 pair of downhill skis as arm rests. Approximate dimensions: 44″ L (front to back) x 30″ W x 43″ H. Please see "MADE TO ORDER" tab for current options. *Other colors available at buyer's expense.

  Handcrafted  |    Recycled Materials

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