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What could be better thank an Adirondack Ski Chair? A Kids Adirondack Ski Chair! Well, we're not sure it's really better but it sure is cool and we're pretty sure no one else is making or selling these. The easiest way to get kids on skis early! So get one for the kid or grandkid, or get a pair and see which little tike in the neighborhood is the born-to-be ski bum who chills out in it. In addition to the reclaimed upcycled skis, each Kids Ski Chair is made with stainless steel hardware, cedar, and reclaimed mahogany. Clear coat applied to downhill skis, ( but is generally not applied to cross country skis.) All wood components have been coated with outdoor stain to enhance durability. Only the best, even in our kids model. Each chair measures approximately 18"W x 24"D x 32"H.

  Handcrafted  |    Recycled Materials

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